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Less than 2,000 Rothschild’s giraffe are in Africa.  Baringo is an original home of Rothschilds giraffe, but they were exterminated in that region.  The reintroduction of this subspecies to its home few years ago is a great event for children and the community at large to learn about disappearing and forgotten local megafauna. This project will educate children and local communities of Baringo County about this endangered subspecies of giraffe and the challenges they are facing in the wild. The public are usually not knowledgeable about this subspecies because they lack information about their significance in our ecosystems, economic and social lives. Investing intensively in education and awareness requires urgent implementation in schools so that the local community provides solid support for conservation.  Any opportunity possible to ensure that the public are aware that giraffes are an endangered species helps to save them. Awareness and environmental education will instill an appreciation for conservation and lifelong conservation stewardship, particularly in school children.

Ezekiel Chebii

Children for Nature Education

Conservation Through Education in Baraingo

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