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Save The Giraffes is proud to initiate PROJECT OUTREACH.  This project is established to promote education and generate funds to perpetuate the building of educational programs by supporting GIRAFFE CONSERVATION organizations across the globe.  It was sparked by the relationships that have been formed and nurtured by the common passion in our missions.  PROJECT OUTREACH was created to build partnerships to strengthen the knowledge of one of most iconic mega herbivores and the important component to increase the awareness of the plummeting populations of giraffes in the wild.  The ultimate goal being to insight the call to action needed to generate a heightened passion for conservation efforts.  

  Connected Organizations  


  Zoological Partners  

Save The Giraffes, Wild Nature Institute & Mongabay Kids are looking for zoological partners to help with sharing and creating awareness of the plight of decreasing wild giraffe populations.  Partners of all levels will help make PROJECT OUTREACH a success, from sharing via social channels to helping in fundraising to enable further expansion, growth and awareness programs.  A partnership is a two way relationship and we want to help our partners by being a resource for guests, school education programs along with a resource for gift shops/ nature stores.  


Thanks for Partnering!

Wild Nature Institute's Juma

A GREAT addition to your gift shop!
juma with african children.jpg

Tanzanian children reading Juma.

   Mongabay Kids Spotlight   

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 5.30.52 AM.png

Download, or share download, of the same workbook children in Africa are using to learn about giraffes and other species connected to their world.  

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