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Believe it or not, giraffes are racing towards a silent extinction. They are an endangered species.   Giraffe numbers have plunged over 40% in the last 30 years. There are now less than 100,000 giraffes left in the wild.  Giraffe populations are declining throughout Africa due to habitat loss caused by human encroachment (mainly by people seeking land for farming, agriculture and/or mining operations), civil unrest, and poaching.  Major ecological changes have also presented many challenges for this iconic species.   Global warming and severe drought require giraffes to wander extreme distances into new, and often dangerous, territories. 

SAVE THE GIRAFFES aims to stop the decreasing population numbers of giraffes in Africa so that future generations may marvel at these magnificent creatures, the tallest mammal on our planet. In addition to aiding giraffe conservation efforts, Save The Giraffes has set many goals for preserving the natural habitats in which these giants thrive.  Giraffes require  an enormous amount of land for survival. By working with various researchers and conservationists, Save The Giraffes will enable numerous other wildlife species to be protected while we focus on supporting giraffe conservation. Many endangered species share an ecosystem with Giraffes, such as Cape hunting dogs, leopards, Abbott’s duikers, secretary birds, southern ground hornbills, martial eagle, and the Usambara spotted worm snake. This is why conservationists have labeled giraffe an ‘umbrella’ species. By protecting these iconic animals, we will protect the habitat of a host of numerous other “not-so-iconic” species that are also facing the looming threat of extinction.  

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SAVE THE GIRAFFES subscribes to John Muir’s idea: “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it is hitched to everything else in the Universe.” We aim to not only save giraffes from extinction, but to save entire ecosystems.  We strive to ensure that future generations can be awed and inspired by witnessing giraffes thrive in wild Africa. Who wants a world without giraffes?​​ The answer is no one. Together we can help save the giraffes.

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